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Entrepreneurial Ventures

Charting Success: Navigating Innovation in Education and Technology

Muhammed Nisar’s entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. He has founded and led multiple educational institutions, including Aspire Business School in Barcelona and Aspire European Academy in the UAE, with a focus on practical application and industry relevance.


Since 2012

Cromwell UK, an Elite Campus of Campus World, offers UK qualifications in the UAE, fostering partnerships for excellence in higher education.

Bucks RC

Since 2019

Bucks Regional Centre, the UAE branch of Buckinghamshire New University, extends British education to MEA and South Asian regions while upholding international standards.


Since 2021

Campus World, helmed by seasoned educators and QA specialists, champions collaborative efforts in higher education for enhanced student outcomes, employability, enrollment, curriculum, and integrity.


Since 2022

Aspire Business School, in central Barcelona, empowers ambitious individuals to excel in life’s journey. Accredited programs, globally recognized, shape students into impactful contributors to society.


Since 2023

Aspire European Academy is an education provider that collaborates with leading awarding bodies & universities in the UK

Professional Journey

Charting Success: Navigating Innovation in Education and Technology

Mr. Nisar’s professional journey is marked by his visionary leadership and tireless pursuit of excellence. He has held pivotal roles in renowned corporations such as Samsung SDS Europe and Samsung Networks Inc., where he served as the MEA Regional Manager and later as the Regional Manager for the London Branch, respectively.

Driven by a passion to bridge the gap between academia and industry, Muhammed Nisar founded Cromwell UK in the UAE. Under his guidance, Cromwell UK revolutionized campus life by integrating industry scenarios into learning, establishing diverse industry engagements, and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.


Muhammed Nisar is an accomplished Edupreneur, Mentor, and Philanthropist with a rich background in education and information technology. With over two decades of experience spanning Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, Mr. Nisar has established himself as a visionary leader in the field.

Originally from Kerala, India, Muhammed Nisar comes from a family deeply rooted in piety and philanthropy. His journey began with a passion for learning and a strong educational foundation. Over the years, he has earned numerous certifications and degrees, including an MBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Wales, U.K.

Leadership in Education

Recognizing the need for collaboration and quality assurance in higher education, Mr. Nisar founded Campus World. As the Founder & CEO of Campus World, he aims to unite institutions for education, fostering partnerships and facilitating initiatives such as franchising, dual-degree programs, and student mobility.

Philanthropic Endeavours

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Muhammed Nisar is deeply committed to philanthropy. He comes from a family dedicated to uplifting the less privileged communities, as evidenced by his brother Mr. Najeeb Kanthapuram’s educational endeavors for the underprivileged in Kerala.

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